Ulster County Enhanced Multidisciplinary Team

 The E-MDT is comprised of professionals from various disciplines whose primary focus is to investigate, intervene, and prevent financial exploitation of older adults.  

The E-MDT has unique access to a forensic account and geriatric psychiatrist in addition to drawing on the expertise of disciplines, including aging services, financial industry, local legal, and law enforcement. 

 Together, the team provides a holistic response, which includes recommendations and support to those working on complex cases of financial exploitation. 

The following agencies are represented on the Ulster County E-MDT

Adult Services
Jewish Family Service
Legal Services of the Hudson Valley
Office of the Aging
Ulster County Crime Victims Assistance Program
Ulster County D.A.’s Office
Ulster County Department of Social Services
Ulster County Sheriff’s Department 

The E-MDT does not replace an agency’s involvement in a case but is an added support to help address financial exploitation cases.

Why bring a case to the E-MDT?

  • Assistance from the E-MDT to provide suggestions or referrals even if a case is not ready to be brought to the team.
  • Access to numerous professionals at one time to consult on a case and provide recommendations.
  • Unique access to a forensic accountant and geriatric psychiatrist.

A case may be eligible for review by the E-MDT if:

  • The victim is age 60 or over.
  • There are detectable signs of possible financial exploitation present.

​​​Contact the E-MDT Coordinator with any questions or to discuss a case.

 Ulster County E-MDT Coordinator
Samantha Pacheco
Office: (845) 338-2980