Jewish Family Services of Ulster County in Kingston

A Tradition of Caring

A Commitment to Service

Our Mission Statement


  JFS provides in-home social work services for older adults, of all faiths, in the community who could not otherwise access more traditional office-based mental health services. 

We Provide

In-Home Supportive Counseling and Psychotherapy


We provide In-Home Supportive Counseling and psychotherapy to seniors and their caregivers in their homes.  Treatment includes problems of mood, bereavement, family discord, and other mental health issues. 

Assessment and Referral


 We evaluate mental health status, ability to perform activities of daily living, as well as information and referral to support services that include long range planning and evaluation of options. 

Caregiver Support


We respond to the needs of caregivers. We address the emotional, familial, interpersonal, and economic stress that can lead to Caregiver Burnout. 

Educational/Support Groups for Caregivers


Discovering that you are not alone is an enormous benefit. 

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